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Esthetician Salary, Education, Schools and Career Outlook

 Estheticians enhance a person's appearance through various skin treatments. The esthetics career is one of the leading career choices in the health and beauty industry. The median salary in CO is $36,030. That is $5,000 more than the average esthetician salary, read more. The job outlook is 25% between 2010 and 2020.

Esthetician Degree & Association

 To become a aesthetician, you will have to complete a state approved cosmetology program. These are usually provided by postsecondary vocational schools. You can get a certificate or an associate's degree. A certificate will focus on improving the health and appearance of a specific area. You can choose to focus on skin, hair, fingernails or toenails. Most students will get hands on training by working in the school's on campus salon. This program lasts a year. An associate programs last 2 years and covers a more broad range of cosmetology subjects. To obtain a degree, you have to take general courses such as science, math and humanities. In Columbine State, there are two associates. Allied Health Association is great for medical aesthetician, and Associated Skin Care Professionals is great for general estheticians.

Educational program

Emily Griffith
 Emily Griffith has one of the best esthetics programs in CO. It prepares you to pass the state-licensing exam. The program's goal is to help students learn to analyze customers' skin care needs, perform facials, discuss treatment and products with customers, apply chemical peels, tint eyebrows, give facial massages, and advice clients on skin healthcare and makeup techniques. The class hours are 9:30 to 5 PM on Mondays-Fridays. To complete the program, you need a total of 610 contact hours (training) and 35 credit hours. It takes 18 weeks and costs $4,255.

Living and Working in Mother of Rivers

 Colorado is a forward thinking state. Many young people are moving to CO because of the high technology movement and the lively cities. There is a big independent music and art scene that provides plenty of entertainment. Plus, as an esthetician, you can make more money living in Colorado than you would living in other states.